Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our website, which is dedicated to selling maternity wear. The website is to be used for the purchase of items.

It should not be used for any other purpose. Any attempt to distribute, re-post, or modify the content of the website may invite legal action against the person/company/agency.

– Our team has taken every step to ensure that the colors of the items are as true to the real ones as possible.
– Nevertheless, because of the different color settings of the user’s monitor, the colors of the maternity wear may appear a bit brighter or duller.
– Measurements of the products are accurate as per our knowledge. Users, who intend to purchase any item, should measure themselves in the same units of measurement for hassle-free fitting.
– The sellers usually inform all the customers about their orders via email. As soon as sellers receive intimation that the maternity wear has been received by the customer, they notify them immediately. It is the customer’s responsibility to let the seller know of any discrepancy therein.

As a user/customer of this website, you are expected to:-

– Provide the seller with your complete shipping address. In case of any change in it before delivery of the product, it is your responsibility to change the same as soon as possible.
– Check all aspects of the product that you intend to purchase before making final decision.
– Read the item description correctly and understand its usage.
– Keep your account details confidential. In case, the details are leaked, we cannot be held responsible for the same.
– Follow the instructions regarding product return.

The above-mentioned terms may be changed without any prior notice to our website visitors. For knowing the latest terms, visitors are requested to visit this page from time to time.